Community Outreach Advent Giving Project – by Susan Rowe

Each year, the Community Outreach Committee organizes an Advent giving project for the congregation. In the past these projects have ranged from funding houses to be built in Central America, adopting a family and shopping, to purchase of mosquito nets. Last year, with full COVID protection in force, the Committee purchased gift cards for the YWCA and Family Housing Network families on behalf of Saint Andrew’s. Individual congregation members also contributed funds to purchase 23 phone cards for the in- mates that AIDNW serves.

Our congregation was busy and generous in September with the purchase and donation of the home kits to outfit Afghan families in Washington. The Community Outreach Committee wants to recognize and thank you for your generosity. For Advent, we wanted meaningful, but small, projects to which the congregation might choose to contribute.

Our first option is the donation of funds to purchase phone cards for the immigrant inmates at the NW Detention center in Tacoma. This is provided by AIDNW, one of the organizations that we sponsor. AIDNW purchases phone cards for $25 and provides them to inmates so they can contact their families.

Our second option is the donation of gift cards to be given to clients at the YWCA women’s shelter, so they may shop for the items they need. The YWCA has asked for gifts cards from the following stores: VISA, Target, Walmart, Fred Meyer, Amazon, Ross Dress for less, Safeway, or H&M. The cards can be in the $25-$100 range.

The gift and phone cards are due November 19 to facilitate distribution early for shopping. The Community Outreach Committee will accept gift cards and checks. The checks can be made out to Saint Andrew’s, and need to specify in the “For: ” either AIDNW phone card or YWCA gift card. Committee members will be in the Ada Webb Room after the 8 and 10 services on November 7 and 14th to collect the funds. The Committee will also use Outreach funds to round-up the donations, if needed. Thanks so much for your consideration.

Join us on your phone for Evening Prayer this Sunday at 5:00 p.m.!

St. Andrew’s offers Evening Prayer by phone (conference call) every Sunday at 5 p.m. No computer or internet connection is required. You can join us for prayer, contemplation and reflection by calling 712-432-3900 and then using the conference 458556 #. This is a wonderful opportunity to declutter your soul in preparation for the busy week ahead!

The tradition of praying the Evening Prayer dates to St Benedict’s Rules of Precepts, which was written in 516. This tradition has been a part of the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) since its beginning.

Please contact Tom Egnew if you can help support this new prayer ministry.

St. Andrew’s supports Mission to Seafarers

Scores of volunteers gathered on November 20 at St. John the Baptist in West Seattle to assemble and stuff ditty bags for holiday gifts and support for seafarers from around the world.  Thanks to our intrepid knitters and sewers, St. Andrew’s contributed 30 hats, 22 ditty bags, and a gob of toiletries to the stuffing party.

Nice work indeed! And a big thank you to our wonderful Parish Nurse, Mary Boyce, for organizing the whole thing.

Helping our Afghan neighbors – by Susan Rowe

Our congregation recently shopped, donated, and provided home kits to welcome immigrating Afghan families, in collaboration with Lutheran Community Services. I want to thank Margo Fleshman and Kendall Burch for their organizational skills to help us achieve this, and Jeffrey Boyce for driving the supplies to Lutheran Community Services. This congregation exceeded our giving goal in the number of kits provided; this was gratifying, but not surprising given what I have seen from Saint Andrew’s over the years. Thank you.

On October 10, 2021, we had Kristen King speak to our congregation. Kristen is a Community Co-sponsor Developer with the Refugee Resettlement Office within the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia. She explained the process for incoming immigrant families and the many different steps that need to be completed to settle a family. Quite a few of the steps can be aided by trained volunteers. The Refugee Resettlement Office is able to provide training and mentor volunteers in this process. As she spoke, the interest from our congregation was palpable. It was also inspiring to realize the involvement and background skill set already present in our congregation. Our representatives from the Diocese also observed this.

In the coming months, we have some great changes in front of us, and the large task of calling a new rector. It will be important to remember our enthusiasm from our meeting with the Resettlement Office, and think carefully about when and how we can put this to work. I think individuals can volunteer their skills when they wish. Perhaps in the future, we can have training available at Saint Andrew’s for volunteers. I can certainly envision the use of some Community Outreach funds in these efforts. The ability to provide service is an exciting gift to think about.

Vestry Viewpoint – A Season of Change – by Maggie Burdick

As November rolls in, a season of change is upon us. The weather is cold and wet. The leaves have changed color and most have fallen. And like this season of change we see happening all around us, we are experiencing one ourselves here at church with the retirement of Father Martin. An exciting time of change for him but one that can leave us all wondering… what now?

With this change, I would like to take some time reflecting on the past 14 years that Father Martin has been here and what that time has meant for me and my entire family. As many of you know, I absolutely pride myself in being a 4th generation member of this church. My great-grandparents, Katharine and Don Cameron (who the Cameron Wing is named after) were one of the founding families of St. Andrew’s. My grandparents, Wayne and Peggy Nelson, were married in this church over 60 years ago. My mom and dad, Brian and Karen Burdick, met in the Episcopal church and were married over 30 years ago at St Andrews. I have been a member since the day I was born over 24 years ago. This church has even introduced me to new, non-blood related family with my Grandma and late Grandpa Lowenberg. So many of the members of this church have become“family” and I, and my family, are truly so blessed. With that all being said, we have seen A LOT of change over the years of being members of St. Andrews.

Father Martin came to St. Andrew’s when I was only 10 years old. As I was so young, I can barely remember the pastors who came before him. Father Martin has been there through all the change in my life. From the highs of my confirmation, graduations, birthdays and family celebrations. To the lows of losing family members and conflicts that have arisen over the years. He has always been a strong model of support and offered wisdom, teaching or just a hug when it was needed. Father Martin, from my family to you, please know that you will be missed tremendously but we are all so happy for the next adventure in your life! Cheers to you!

So now what? With this change, you might be asking yourself this question. You might be feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, confused. I wish I had the answers on how to handle the anxieties of change, but honestly I struggle with this too. My best advice that I can share, as simple as it sounds, is to remember the serenity prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things that I can
and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.

Jackson St. Food Bank and Vaccination Clinic on Nov. 24

The Jackson Street Food Bank will be open Wednesday, November 24, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. We could really use your help this week. The set-up runs from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m., and the afternoon session from 3:30 p.m. to around 7:30 p.m. Many hands make light work!!

The TPC Health Department will also be there with a Vaccination Clinic, offering first/second doses of Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccine for people 12 years of older. Booster doses of Pfizer vaccine will also be available for those who had Pfizer and are 65 or older OR who work in a public setting.

For more information, call the Pierce County Health Department at 253-649-1412.


October Vestry Highlights – by Judy Nelson, Senior Warden

St. Andrews Vestry met in person on October 19th in Father Martin’s office.

The minutes, agenda and financials were all approved as presented (Financial reports are posted in the Ada Webb room.)
The Treasurer’s resolution was passed to adjust the check signing to reflect the changes coming when Father Martin retires.
The Vestry approved the endorsement of Pam Tinsley for Ordination to the transitional Diaconate
The kitchen renovation team, led by Angie Barr, is working with Wren & Willow on projected costs for the revised version of the remodel.
The stewardship team has been working on the annual letter to the parish and has chosen dates to release the letter (Nov 8th) and when pledges are due back to the office (Nov 21).

The Wednesday parish emails will continue as an opportunity to share weekly updates about the transition process.
The Supply clergy for both the 8am and the 10am services the weeks from November 7th until December 12th have been filled.

Nov.7 and 14th is Dr. Jeff Sharp
Nov. 21, 28th and Dec 5th is Dr. Judith McDaniel
Dec. 12th is Rev Terry Kyllo

The Wednesday Communion service will continue with Father Ed presiding.

The Vestry met by zoom with the Rev. Arienne Davison, Canon to the Ordinary, to discuss next steps in the transition process. She provided a step-by-step outline of the transition process. Currently St. Andrews is in the pre-interim stage. The Vestry will review candidates for interim minister status, interview candidates and if agreed, make an offer for someone to join St Andrews on an interim basis. At that time, the profile committee will be established and begin their work of creating the parish profile to be used in determining who will be potentially the next rector called to serve St. Andrews.

Vestry members will be responsible for opening and closing the building on Sundays until further notice. Training on opening and closing the building will be available for every vestry member, before/after services on Sundays.

Next Vestry meeting will be on Tuesday, November 16th at 7pm in the Ada Webb room. This meeting is open to all members of the congregation. Please feel free to send any questions to your vestry and we will try to address them.

A New Journey – by Jeffrey Boyce

In November, I will be leaving St Andrews. As a Candidate for Vocational Deacon, I have been in discussions for the last month with Bishop Greg, Archdeacon Gen, and Fr. Jim Warnock, Vicar of All Saints, Tacoma. We felt that moving now and providing support for Fr. Jim and the All Saints congregation would be beneficial to all.

When Mary and I first joined this community, we felt that we had found a spiritual home. All of you have been in our thoughts and prayers. We have many wonderful memories of our time in this community. Celtic Faire and Quiz Night, were the icing on the cake of our time there. Sunday service and Wednesday noon service, and in the last year and a half, Sunday Evening Prayer has held us through good times and normal times. We will miss our communal prayer time with you.

I went away twice for field study and after completing them you welcomed me back. Again thank you. In my time with you I have grown into a better person than when I started here. I am stronger in the Lord our God, who is my Rock. I know this because of the time I have spent with you in prayer.

I will especially miss the Sunday Evening Prayer. I have grown close to my friends. This was a ministry that was forming, then Covid invaded our lives. What a blessing it has been have this communal prayer, and time with friends during this time.

I will miss our time doing Celtic Faire! What a gift of fellowship and stewardship! What fun we had together, in planning, making it happen, the dinner afterwards, trying new things, meeting new people, some of them were from the 8 am service. Quiz Night was not just fun and noisy but a strange insight into members of our congregation. You had to be there.

In closing, thank you all for teaching me to be the servant that I am and supporting me in following the call to the Deaconate. To touch the lives of the homeless who just want to be safe.

I will not be with you for some time. I will likely, God willing and the people agree, be ordained next year. There is hope in our futures; God is with us. My prayers are with you in your journey.

Notes on the coming transition – by Judy Nelson, Senior Warden

As October 31st rushes towards us, your vestry has been busy behind the scenes with transition issues. We will try diligently to keep you apprised of what we are doing to move this work forward, as we know all of us are anxious about what happens next.

The very first step was to complete the Letter of Separation. This has been done, and a signed copy is in our office, as well as filed with the Bishops Office. On Tuesday evening, October 12th, your Vestry met with the Reverend Arienne Davison, Canon to the Ordinary, who oversees transitions for our bishop, Greg Rickel. She walked us through the transition process step-by step, explaining what happens and answering our questions. She will be our guide throughout this process. There is a 40 plus page manual outlining the process called “Transformational Change: Clergy Transitions in the Diocese of Olympia, a resource for congregations” at You are welcome to take a look at this document on the diocesan website.

This month we have been dealing with the various handoffs required: pastoral, financial, and finally physical. Under pastoral, the first item to be address was coverage of all our services until an interim pastor is hired. Supply clergy have been booked for the 6 weeks following Father Martin’s retirement. If more are needed, we will address that in the next month, but Canon Davison felt we would be able to engage a full-time interim priest during that time period. The hiring of the interim is the responsibility of the vestry, but after that, vestry members will not be directly involved with the creation of the profile or the interviewing of the potential new priest. The Vestry will instead be responsible for working with the interim priest to oversee the continued work of our congregation while spe- cifically designated committees are authorized to work on the church profile and then the search committee. Except for pausing Bible study during this period prior to the hiring of the interim minister, all other ministries will continue.

Financially we continue to be a stable congregation. Our Treasurer ensured that signatures on the various accounts are in place for the time period after Father Martin retires. The stewardship committee has been preparing for the annual stewardship letters to go out the first part of November, as the new budget for 2022 will need to be created.

And finally, on Sunday October 31st, Father Martin will physically hand over the church keys, the remaining contents of his office space, and any other church properties that will then remain with us here.

I’m sure I have forgotten to bring you up to speed on some aspect you are interested in, so please feel free to reach out to myself, Tom Egnew (junior warden) or any other vestry member and we will do our best to get you an answer. Please review the critical role for members of our congregation that Tom and I included in the September Tartan. There is an important role for each of us going forward. Thank you for giving us all this opportunity to serve our Lord and you.

Blessings, Judy Nelson, Senior Warden