“Batter up” for Shrove Tuesday pancake supper

On Tuesday, February 25, from 5:00 to 6:30 PM, bring a friend to Puddicombe Hall for a feast of pancakes and all the trimmings, as we celebrate Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday) in preparation for the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday, February 26.

Our own Kitchen Team will offer three varieties of pancakes, perfectly-done scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, juice, and coffee.

All proceeds go to the Kitchen Fund and to youth programs. Please join us for fellowship, community, and to support our plans for the kitchen!

How to serve the marginalized, right here, right now! By Jeffrey Boyce

Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as I have loved you”. (Matthew 22:39) This is a pretty high bar. As Jesus did, we have opportunities to help some of the marginalized of our society. They are people, all children of God, who do not have a warm place to rest their heads. They include adults, elderly, and children who do not have the security of shelter at night, or the security of a warm meal. Currently, Nativity House needs more volunteers, in the kitchen and day shelter. See me with questions, like “how do I sign up?”.

By the time you see this, I will have participated in the annual Point-in–time count of the unhoused in Pierce County. This count is mandated by the federal HUD for all counties in the US. Next year, I want to put together a team from St Andrews. There is a mandatory training session of three hours. Most of the positions are during the day in places of opportunity to interview our neighbors who are unhoused. 

I am part of a team at Associated Ministries (AM) that provides a forum for churches to get together quarterly, together with non-government agencies and Government agencies, to explore ways to help those who are unhoused. A team from St Andrews would be helpful to the congregation and also to people with needs. AM is looking for volunteers to help with many things throughout the year. They are working on rehousing, and helping with taxes for low-income and unhoused people and need volunteers. 

The Mission to Seafarers, a Diocesan ministry, is still in need of hats and ditty bags. Hand crafted bags and hats will bring your Love, to these seafarers who are away from home for 10 month stretches. Many are from Asian countries who are not aware of how cold it can get in some foreign ports. The hats are particularly appreciated. There are in-structions, for bags and hats, available in the office and the Narthex. 

I have been part of a small team that has written a bill for the state legislature in Olympia that will set up state-wide rules for tent cities, Safe Parking,  and emergency shelters. The bills are: HB 1754 and Sb5644. Federal law stipulates that churches have a right to use their property for ministries without undue interference from cities, counties or the state. I encourage you to look up the bills and call your state legislators to support them. Our own Diocese has been involved in at least 2 Federal lawsuits in support of “Chaplains on the Harbor”. This Bill will provide language for churches and municipalities to work from. More shelters are needed. Churches have the space and volunteers to provide shelters. In a large number of cases, churches have been prevented by municipalities from providing emergency shelters, or space for safe parking. 

The need is great! Get involved now! I will bring other opportunities to your attention in future Tartans. 

St. Andrew’s Scholarship Fund now taking applications

St. Andrew’s Outreach Committee’ s Scholarship Fund for promoting educational activities is available once again. Any currently enrolled or potential student is eligible to apply. Priority will be given to the St. Andrews community. The application form is available on our web site here.

Packets are also available in the office. Please submit the completed application online or to the office no later than Friday, April 10th, 2020. This is the date on the front of the application packet.

The Good Book Club resumes this Sunday! All are welcome!

Please join the Daughters of the King on Sunday, February 16, in the Georgie Chapel for the third session of The Good Book Club, supported by Bishop Curry. We are exploring through Bible study the Gospel of John. Our first two studies gave us food for our souls and much to think about.

For a great introduction, watch Bishop Curry’s video message here . We invite everyone to start 2020 with a renewed commitment to the Word of God.  We’ll be reading John’s compelling account—inspired by “the disciple whom Jesus loved”—during the time from Epiphany through Shrove Tuesday.

Of course, we are familiar with the most famous verse of John 3:16, but our Good Book Club focus gives us an opportunity to read the extraordinary gospel from start to finish. We’ll hear stories only heard in John: Jesus turns water into wine at the wedding of Cana, encounters the woman at the well, and raises Lazarus from the dead.

Evening Prayer now offered Sundays in the Chapel

St. Andrew’s now offers Evening Prayer every Sunday at 5 p.m. in the Chapel. Join us for prayer, contemplation and reflection! This is a wonderful opportunity to declutter your soul in preparation for the busy week ahead!

The tradition of praying the Evening Prayer dates to St Benedict’s Rules of Precepts, which was written in 516. This tradition has been a part of the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) since its beginning.

Please contact Jeffrey Boyce if you can help support this new prayer ministry.

Record crowd at Annual Parish Meeting

On January 26, following the 9:00 a.m. service, seventy-five parishioners broke bread together, conducted free and fair elections, and engaged in a spirited discussion of the future plans for our kitchen renovations. This was one of the best-attended and most animated Annual Meetings that anyone could remember. The Vestry provided a generous spread of muffins, bagels, fruit and delicious egg scrambles.

We said farewell to four amazing Vestry members: Senior Warden Liz Herriges, Junior Warden Don Ramage, Kristina Younger, and Victoria Dodson. We elected four gifted and capable replacements: Giorah Bour, Maggie Burdick, Kendall Burch, and John Cain. You can read their bios in the February Tartan. Fr. Martin announced that Judy Nelson has agreed to be our new Senior Warden. The Junior Warden will be elected by the Vestry at their retreat.

Reberta Skinner, John Austin (1st) and Riley Girard (2nd) were elected alternate delegates to the Diocesan Convention.  Ken Rhodes and Natalie Bajinga were elected to the Endowment Fund Committee.

Angie Barr, Chair of the Kitchen Committee, then presented a detailed plan for the renovation of our kitchen. The Kitchen Committee had worked for two years with an architect and contractor to determine our needs and to put together the best possible plan. Each table then appointed a scribe and worked through four questions designed to focus feedback in ways most helpful to the committee. Kit Proctor noted the highlights of each table’s response. (These highlights will be shared in a future post on our web site.) After we witnessed one incredible indication of financial support for the renovation, the Committee was inspired to continue its work, and we all were called to focus upon what ministries and services we would like our new kitchen to provide.




Clubhouse Model Awareness Day

What is Clubhouse? Clubhouse is an international movement of psychiatric rehabilitative services that is changing the outcomes of mental illness towards health, hope and reintegration. Peach McDouall will be available in the Ada Webb Room after both services on February 9th for parishioners who want to learn more about the Clubhouse model. 

For more information, click here

St. Andrew’s Outreach works locally and globally

Saint Andrew’s tithes ten percent of undesignated income to the community each year.

The Community Outreach Committee distributes these funds each quarter. This year, we started to track the types of community assistance that our outreach was funding. This is a summary of our spending through the third quarter of 2019.

Categories or purpose of giving:
Food: Jackson Street foodbank (Nourish), Nativity House Day Shelter, Saint Leo’s Food Connection, USO-JBLM, Emergency Food Network
Shelter: Rector’s discretionary fund, AIDNW, Rescue Mission, Tacoma Power Low IncomeAssistance, Habitat for Humanity
Health: Neighborhood Clinic, Pediatric Interim Care, Pierce County AIDS Foundation, Caring for Kids
Evangelism: Seminary fund, Associated Ministries, Kairos, Tacoma College Ministry, Episcopal College Ministry at WWU, Gregorys in Guatemala
Education: Scholarship fund, CoEd, Peace Community Center
Economic advancement: Outreach Special Request (international farm animal purchase), Episcopal Relief and Development, Anglican Relief and Development Fund
Disaster Relief: Episcopal Relief and Development, Outreach Special Request fund, Food for the Poor, World Vision, Anglican Relief and Development Fund

Locality of giving:
Pierce County: Rector’s discretionary fund, Scholarship fund, Associated Ministries, AIDNW,Jackson Street foodbank (Nourish), Kairos, Nativity House Day Shelter, Peace Community Center, Pediatric Interim Care, Pierce County AIDS Foundation, Rescue Mission, Saint Leo’s Food Connection, Tacoma Power Low Income Assistance, Habitat for Humanity, Neighborhood Clinic, Tacoma College Ministry, Caring for Kids, Emergency Food Network
United States: Seminary fund, USO-JBLM, Outreach Special Request, Episcopal Campus Ministry at WWU

International: CoEd, Episcopal Relief and Development, Anglican Relief and Development Fund for the Bahamas, Gregorys in Guatemala

Total 2019, through 3rd quarter: $22,466 ($263 from 2018)

Amounts per category:
Food: $5,250
Shelter: $5,463
Health: $3,500
Evangelism: $5,100 Education: $2,550
Economic advancement: $366 Disaster Relief:$500

Amounts per locality: Pierce County: $18,113 United States: $3,250 International: $1,366

Report adapted from Susan Rowe’s article in the November Tartan

St. Andrew’s to offer a free estate-planning workshop

Please join us on Monday January 20, at 7:00 PM for an estate planning workshop. Local attorney and estate planning expert Robert Pitman will offer a free presentation on wills, estate planning, and other important issues. It is never too early to start planning for the future that awaits us all, to think about how documents such as your will, a power of attorney, and other documents will offer the least taxing scenario for your spouse, your children, and your grandchildren.

Bob Pitman has hosted the CBS radio show “Legal Line” since 1991. For his work on the air, Bob received the Consumer and the Law Journalism Award from the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association, was honored by the Washington State Supreme Court in a special Court Resolution, and received the Excellence in Legal Journalism Award from the Washington State Bar Association.

Please join us on January 20, and bring a friend! Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!