Jackson Street Food Bank

Leader: Ed Wolfer

The Jackson Street Food Bank is closed until further notice!

The Jackson Street Food Bank has been in operation since 2002 and is in partnership with our neighborhood synagogue, Temple Beth El. We gather and sort food and provide the people-power to run the food bank at St. Andrew’s. We serve approximately 70-80 families per month (over 400 individuals). Food bank is open on the last Wednesday of the month from 5 to 7 pm. Volunteers also help set up that morning, and run other errands to pick up donated food.

How do I join when the Food Bank reopens? Contact Ed Wolfer or Virginia Gaub.

Daughters of the King

Leader: April Wallace

The Daughters of the King is an Order for lay women who vow to pray, serve and give for the spread of Christ’s Kingdom. They meet the second Sunday of the month for prayer before the 10 a.m. service and then meet after the service to discuss and conduct business. All women are invited to attend and to participate however they might be called. Those called to become formal members of the Order undertake a 12-chapter preparatory study before taking formal vows.

How do I join? Contact April Wallace or join us for prayer before the 10 a.m. service or for community after the 10 a.m. service.

Parish Care Team

Leader: Reberta Skinner

The St. Andrew’s Parish Care Team coordinates with the priest to help find support for parish members who need assistance. This assistance comes in the form of friendship visits, phone calls, transportation, parish nursing, helping families with new babies, and helping families with emergency needs.

How do I join? Contact Reberta Skinner.

Parish Nurse

Mary Boyce

Our Parish Nurse Ministry focuses on the three components of a whole person: the Spirit, the Mind, and the Body. Each month, our newsletter, The Tartan, features health tips for parishioners. We also post information throughout the church, perform blood pressure checks several times a year between services, offer and annual flu shots. The Parish Nurse also provides visitation and support during difficult times.

Prayer Chain

Leader: Margo Fleshman

All people can pray as part of our Prayer Chain, and we strongly believe in prayer and the healing presence of God in our daily life experiences. Each prayer request is sent out to all those individuals in the parish who have volunteered to pray daily for those in need. This ministry continues to be a powerful way to respond rapidly to requests for prayer support for people within and outside of the parish. We welcome all who wish to join this ministry.

How can I join? Contact Margo Fleshman.

Kairos Prison Ministry

Leader: David Abbott & Steven Gaub

The mission of the Kairos Prison Ministry is to bring Christ’s love and forgiveness to all incarcerated individuals, their families, and those who work with them. Kairos has three-day retreats each spring and fall at Correction Center for Women at Purdy, Clallam Bay Correction Center, Washington State Reformatory at Monroe, Stafford Creek Correction Center, and Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island. St. Andrew’s parishioners routinely work Kairos weekends.

How do I join? Contact David Abbott or Steven Gaub.

Scholarship Committee

Chair: Judy Nelson

The Scholarship Committee awards academic scholarships to support people within the church community who want to continue their education in various fields. The Outreach Committee allocates a portion of its funds for this purpose. It is the responsibility of the Scholarship Committee to oversee the selection of the recipients and disbursement of funds. You can download an application for 2021 by clicking here.

Deadline: April 16, 2021. If you have any questions, please contact Judy Nelson, Scholarships Committee Chair.

Community Outreach Committee

Leader: Susan Rowe

One of the core values at St. Andrew’s is to share the time, talent, and treasures of our parish with the greater community, with a focus on those in need. This is accomplished, in part, by taking 10% of the total pledge/plate contributions received by the parish and returning it to the community, be it at a parish, local, diocesan, national, or global level. The Community Outreach Committee is responsible for distributing this 10% by identifying worthy organizations to receive funds; it also organizes other fundraising activities for outreach. The Committee meets quarterly to distribute finds. The Scholarship Committee is part of Community Outreach. Contact the committee of the church office for policies and/or the operation and procedure manual.

How do I join? Contact Susan Rowe or the Church Office.


The social hour is an important part of the parish life at St. Andrew’s, following each worship service. Worshipers at 8 a.m. have a sign-up sheet available to volunteer. The 10 a.m. worshipers serve on teams to provide coffee and snacks. Each team hosts coffee hour roughly once every two months. Teamwork is a great way to share the load and make it possible for all ages to participate, rather than trying to do it individually. The church provides coffee, tea, paper cups, plates, napkins, and utensils, and the parishioners provide snacks if they so desire. The volunteer may ask for reimbursement for coffee hour snacks for special occasions.

How do I join? Contact Peggy Nelson (8 a.m.), Sandy Dick (10 a.m.), or the Church Office.

Building & Grounds

Help Needed: Contact the Church Office.

The Building and Grounds team supervises repairs, upgrades, and general care of the church and its grounds.

How do I join? Contact the Church Office.

Columbarium Committee

St. Andrew’s Columbarium is available to current and former members of St. Andrew’s and their relatives. Requests for others will be considered by the Columbarium Committee. The cost of a permanent niche, including bronze plaque, is $400.

Whom do I contact? the Church Office.


Leader: Angie Barr

St. Andrew’s is engaging in a major renovation of our kitchen to support and expand our mission to know Christ and to make Christ known. The Vestry appointed a committee, which was chaired by Carol Baarsma, to work with our chosen architect and general contractor. Watch for regular progress reports.

Endowment Fund Committee

Leader: Angie Barr

The St. Andrew’s Endowment Fund Committee works to promote endowment and encourage growth of the Endowment Fund. They also help raise awareness of the Bishop’s Society, as well as the activities of the Diocesan Planned Giving committee. Policy and procedures for the Endowment Committee are available in the church office. The Endowment Committee shall: (1) Educate the congregation on the importance of having a will, including the consideration of planned giving to St. Andrews Church; (2) Insure that any donations to the Endowment Fund are recognized with a thank you note or letter; (3) Encourage those gifts by educating the Parish about the Endowment Fund; (4) Explain the purpose of the Bishop’s Society to the Parish and add those people who have arranged legacies to the church to the Society membership; and (5) Administer the St. Andrew’s Legacy Society, acknowledging those people who have arranged legacies, and coordinate any activities.

How do I join? Members are elected at the Annual Meeting.

Finance Committee

Leader: Bill Brice & Beth Rich

The Finance Committee meets on a regular basis to review financial information, prepare the annual budgets, and insure the financial records are audited on an annual basis. This data is provided to the Rector, the Vestry, and the members of the Parish. The Finance Ministry oversees the money-counting teams, who count and deposit weekly all funds donated. Operating policy for the Finance Committee is available through the church office.

How do I join? Contact Bill Brice or the Church Office. Members are appointed by the Vestry.

Memorial Fund Committee

Leader: Fr. Martin

The Memorial Fund Committee meets as needed and recommends to the Vestry the use of memorial funds for the purchase of items to enhance our worship and meet other parish needs in memory of parishioners.

How can I join? Contact the Church Office.

If you don’t have a parish directory, please contact the Church Office, and we’ll be happy put you in touch with whoever you’re looking for.