Leader: Steve Arthur

The ministry of acolytes at St. Andrew’s is one of service to God and God’s church, to the priest and to the congregation. The very word “acolyte” means one who serves. The acolytes serve as an integral part of the 10 am Sunday service, and for special occasions as needed. The vestments worn and the duties performed in assisting the priest can be traced back through almost two thousand years of history. At St. Andrew’s we have adults as well as youth serving as acolytes. Those who serve as acolytes are trained in their position, and youth must be at least 8 years of age to participate.

How do I join? Contact Steve Arthur


Leader: Linda Brice

The Ministry of Greeters is to welcome those who come to St. Andrew’s at the 10am Sunday service. Some of the Greeters’ duties include handing out bulletins for the service, taking the bread and wine forward for the Communion, passing the collection plates, taking a count of attendance and straightening the books in the pews after the service. Greeters are scheduled in advance and serve roughly every 6 weeks.

How do I join? Contact Linda Brice

Altar Flowers

Leader: Sandy Dick

The altar flowers ministry provides flowers at the Altar for Sunday services (greens during Advent and Lent). One may sign up for a special occasion in thanksgiving or memory of loved ones, or be part of the on-going team that provides and arranges flowers for Sunday services. Team members can purchase flowers and arrange the flowers themselves, or purchase with Flower Fund monies.

Here are some beautiful sample arrangements.

How do I join? Contact Sandy Dick

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild ministry prepares the Altar for Sunday and mid-week worship. Participants are organized in teams to accomplish Altar Guild duties during their assigned weeks. There are detailed manuals and instructions, training and mentoring available. This is a friendly and supportive group!

How do I join? Contact Pam Rhodes

Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors

Leader: Coordinator needed.

Eucharistic Ministers (EM) fill a variety of functions to assist in the flow of worship services as chalice bearer, lector and intercessor. At the 8 AM service, the EM serves as the Acolyte and Lector. Specially licensed Eucharistic Visitors take consecrated bread and wine from our Eucharist to persons who are unable to attend the church service. Lectors read the weekly Bible lessons during the service. Training is offered to make the spoken word of God more meaningful, and EMs are licensed by the Diocese.

How do I join? Contact the Church Office.

Music Ministries

St. Andrew’s has two music groups and traditions to assist at worship and special services: the Choir and the Glory and Praise ensemble.

Worship Committee

Leader: Fr. Martin Yabroff

The worship committee works together in planning all aspects of the worship year at St. Andrew’s. The Worship Committee is comprised of representatives from the EMs (Eucharistic Ministers)/Lectors, Altar Guild, Acolytes, Music ministries and the Rector.