In November, I will be leaving St Andrews. As a Candidate for Vocational Deacon, I have been in discussions for the last month with Bishop Greg, Archdeacon Gen, and Fr. Jim Warnock, Vicar of All Saints, Tacoma. We felt that moving now and providing support for Fr. Jim and the All Saints congregation would be beneficial to all.

When Mary and I first joined this community, we felt that we had found a spiritual home. All of you have been in our thoughts and prayers. We have many wonderful memories of our time in this community. Celtic Faire and Quiz Night, were the icing on the cake of our time there. Sunday service and Wednesday noon service, and in the last year and a half, Sunday Evening Prayer has held us through good times and normal times. We will miss our communal prayer time with you.

I went away twice for field study and after completing them you welcomed me back. Again thank you. In my time with you I have grown into a better person than when I started here. I am stronger in the Lord our God, who is my Rock. I know this because of the time I have spent with you in prayer.

I will especially miss the Sunday Evening Prayer. I have grown close to my friends. This was a ministry that was forming, then Covid invaded our lives. What a blessing it has been have this communal prayer, and time with friends during this time.

I will miss our time doing Celtic Faire! What a gift of fellowship and stewardship! What fun we had together, in planning, making it happen, the dinner afterwards, trying new things, meeting new people, some of them were from the 8 am service. Quiz Night was not just fun and noisy but a strange insight into members of our congregation. You had to be there.

In closing, thank you all for teaching me to be the servant that I am and supporting me in following the call to the Deaconate. To touch the lives of the homeless who just want to be safe.

I will not be with you for some time. I will likely, God willing and the people agree, be ordained next year. There is hope in our futures; God is with us. My prayers are with you in your journey.

A New Journey – by Jeffrey Boyce