As fall approaches, a number of people have been in conversation about what a Celtic Faire could look like for St. Andrew’s this year. The general consensus is that although we are not yet ready for a return to our full Celtic Faire, we would like to have some activities that weekend. Here is what it is looking like so far.

Saturday’s Activities

Celtic Spirituality seminar: This has typically been an hour or two on Sunday afternoon, but this year it will move to Saturday and be extended to a full afternoon, possibly with multiple speakers. It would be the only thing happening during the day on Saturday. Evening Concert (Celeidh!): This is very tentative based on the possibility of any groups that are rehearsing and willing to perform again.

Sunday’s activities

Church on Sunday at both services will include the celebration of St. Andrew and the calling of the clans. We’ll put the clan emblems on the walls and hope to have pipers. The Scottish Dinner on Sunday will still happen, but it will be more of an in-house celebration of our re-gathering together. There may be a small auction as part of the dinner, and it will likely be a donation event, rather than charging for tickets.

Our Celtic Faire has been an important part of our St. Andrew’s community for 12 years, providing many opportunities to build friendship as we work together in different areas. It has also been a great way to bring the greater community into our building. Many of our visitors come back every year to see dancers, sip tea, shop, purchase cookies, enjoy lunch and some music and more! We do plan to return to a full Celtic Faire, open to our community, hopefully next year.

Watch the Tartan for more information about the events and about how you can be involved.

Celtic Faire, Oct. 16-17 – by Liz Herriges