Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry calls upon followers of Jesus to join with him in the Good Book Club, reading the Gospel of John each day during the Epiphany season. The St. Andrew’s Chapter of Daughters of the King invites you to join them in reading and discussion.
The Good Book offers an array of resources developed by partners from across the Episcopal Church, making it easy for people to read, learn, and wrestle with the Gospel of John, said Bishop Curry. The church-wide Bible initiative starts January 6, 2020.
“John’s Gospel is a marvelous gospel,” said Bishop Curry. In John, “we get some of the most powerful and pregnant moments of Jesus teaching about love and the Way of Love.”

The study starts January 6th and goes through Tuesday the 25th, Shrove Tuesday.
The Daughters are going to meet, after church, to review and discuss the gospel readings on the following dates: January 12th, January 19th, February 2nd and February 16th. We would love to have some church members join us!


Join Michael Curry and our own DOK for the Epiphany Good Book series