As Daughters of the King, we take a vow of prayer, service and evangelism. As part of our service vow, our chapter has decided to get involved with Days for Girls.

Geri Schlosser and Virginia Gaub have been working with Days for Girls for years. They both like to sew, so their talents on the sewing machine have been much appreciated.

In February, we hosted a Days for Girls workshop after church. All women from the church were invited. Our turnout was small but we got a lot accomplished. Some of us sewed, some ironed, and the rest of us put together kits. It was also a potluck, so there was lots of good food.

Teri Mattsen was there to explain the program and to show us how to put to- gether the kits. She is the head of the Tacoma chapter of Days for Girls, her shop is located very close to St. Andrews. She explained that in many third world countries, girls have no menstrual supplies. They often miss school and just sit at home and wait it out. Many eventually drop out of school. Teri makes, with the help of many volun- teers, reusable feminine hygiene products that last three years. Her kits are distributed to places like Africa, India, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru. The goal is to help end the cycle of poverty and keep girls in school.

Some of these kits reached West Bengal in India, and two DOK chapters, the Daughters of Faith, and our prayer partners, the Daughters of Hope. Our own Linda Rines, who is the DOK national treasurer, is also involved in Days for Girls. She sup- plied visiting Daughters from the National office, Grace Sears and Judy Bordelon, with kits when they attended a women’s conference in Bengal. The local women were very interested in them. This can also become a good business opportunity, or “Enterprise”. The women can learn to make the kits and sell them to create income. The Tacoma Days for Girls chapter is helping to set up an Enterprise in Northern In- dia. What a great way to break the stigma around menstruation and empower woman and girls.

We put together 59 kits that day. Teri said that we did great job and said, jokingly, that she only had to redo a few of them!

We have two more work shops scheduled: June 2nd and August 25th. They will take place after church at St. Andrew’s. Lunch starts about 11:30. Kit making, about noon. Please join us for a potluck, fellowship, and this incredible ministry of empowering girls and women in third world countries.

If you’d like to donate, they would welcome new, brightly colored washcloths and new, brightly colored underwear for girls, size 10-16. They also need one gallon ziplock bags.

We hope to see some of you there!

For more information about days for girls, check out the website at and on Facebook: Days for Girls, Tacoma WA chapter.

St. Andrew’s DOK chapter supports Days for Girls