Within days of hearing that we may not gather in person for a period of time, many of us started brain-storming how to remain connected. A new phone tree was born. Twenty of our fellow St. Andrew’s parishioners have stepped forward and volun- teered to be Call Connectors. Each person has 5 people on his or her list to call. Fellowship through the phone is different, and takes some getting used to or recalling, but has proved to be very heartwarming. I’ve heard over and over general appreciation for the time these folks have taken out of his or her day just to say hello. Some of us are “meeting” each other for the first time, which has been fun. Of course we’re asking howeach other is, both physically and mentally, and if the receiver has a need or may have anything to share.

It’s been a great test run for our latest directory. We’ve found a couple of disconnected or incorrect numbers, so if you have not heard from anyone please call the church, 253-564-4402, Fr. Martin’s cell phone 253-225-5128, or me (Mary Boyce 360- 271-2020). The church has been connecting through Fr. Martin’s twice weekly email updates, through our website, Facebook, and streamed worship services, so we have been especially interested to see if everyone has internet access. Again, if this some thing that we can help you with, please call. I am very appreciative of The Daughters of the King who have not only maintained their ever present prayers but have also volun- teered to send out cards and printed emails to our home bound parishioners.

If you have a specific prayer request please contact Pam Tinsley, 253-906-0623. We also have a Prayer Chain via email. If you’d like prayer – especially urgent prayer – email them to Margo Fleshman at fleshman@harbornet.com. Or contact Margo if you would like to be part of the prayer chain. Fellow Pilgrims, this Lenten journey has been unexpected but oh so rewarding. Grace and gratitude abounds as we all work together to forge a new normal. Keep connecting!

Help our St. Andrew’s phone tree grow! – by Mary Boyce