The St. Andrew’s Outreach Committee met on July 12th. In addition to allocating funds for the agencies the congregation is currently supporting, the committee also discussed and outlined new agency review policies. It was determined that larger agencies, such as Episcopal Relief and Development, will be reviewed annually through their websites, annual reports, and the percentage of their funds used for administrations. Smaller organizations will be reviewed every two years.

The committee agreed to begin providing a list of in-kind donation opportunities for the congregation to support organizations with specific requests. Particularly in the case of very small organizations, which do not always request funds, activities like coat drives will allow us to continue to provide support.

The committee also agreed to add the annual Bishop’s request as a category of “internal fund” to consider each year and to compile an Annual Giving report describing the categories and localities of St. Andrew’s giving.

Finally, it was resolved that since the Jackson Street Food Bank is not scheduled to open again until January 2021, signage and a notice on the website will be posted to ensure that the community is aware of the closure.

The committee will meet again on August 9th.

The following grants were made in July:
Seminary Fund- Society for the Increase in Ministry $506
Rector’s Discretionary fund $500
Scholarship fund $750
Nourish Pierce County (food bank) $500
Associated Ministries $500
AIDNW (assistance for immigrants in and after detention $500
Neighborhood Clinic $500
New Nativity House $300
PICS (children’s health clinic) $300
Pierce County AIDS Foundation $500
Tacoma Rescue Mission $200

TOTAL $5,056

In spite of COVID, St. Andrew’s Outreach works globally and locally – by Kendall Burch