Saint Andrew’s tithes ten percent of undesignated income to the community each year.

The Community Outreach Committee distributes these funds each quarter. This year, we started to track the types of community assistance that our outreach was funding. This is a summary of our spending through the third quarter of 2019.

Categories or purpose of giving:
Food: Jackson Street foodbank (Nourish), Nativity House Day Shelter, Saint Leo’s Food Connection, USO-JBLM, Emergency Food Network
Shelter: Rector’s discretionary fund, AIDNW, Rescue Mission, Tacoma Power Low IncomeAssistance, Habitat for Humanity
Health: Neighborhood Clinic, Pediatric Interim Care, Pierce County AIDS Foundation, Caring for Kids
Evangelism: Seminary fund, Associated Ministries, Kairos, Tacoma College Ministry, Episcopal College Ministry at WWU, Gregorys in Guatemala
Education: Scholarship fund, CoEd, Peace Community Center
Economic advancement: Outreach Special Request (international farm animal purchase), Episcopal Relief and Development, Anglican Relief and Development Fund
Disaster Relief: Episcopal Relief and Development, Outreach Special Request fund, Food for the Poor, World Vision, Anglican Relief and Development Fund

Locality of giving:
Pierce County: Rector’s discretionary fund, Scholarship fund, Associated Ministries, AIDNW,Jackson Street foodbank (Nourish), Kairos, Nativity House Day Shelter, Peace Community Center, Pediatric Interim Care, Pierce County AIDS Foundation, Rescue Mission, Saint Leo’s Food Connection, Tacoma Power Low Income Assistance, Habitat for Humanity, Neighborhood Clinic, Tacoma College Ministry, Caring for Kids, Emergency Food Network
United States: Seminary fund, USO-JBLM, Outreach Special Request, Episcopal Campus Ministry at WWU

International: CoEd, Episcopal Relief and Development, Anglican Relief and Development Fund for the Bahamas, Gregorys in Guatemala

Total 2019, through 3rd quarter: $22,466 ($263 from 2018)

Amounts per category:
Food: $5,250
Shelter: $5,463
Health: $3,500
Evangelism: $5,100 Education: $2,550
Economic advancement: $366 Disaster Relief:$500

Amounts per locality: Pierce County: $18,113 United States: $3,250 International: $1,366

Report adapted from Susan Rowe’s article in the November Tartan

St. Andrew’s Outreach works locally and globally