St. Andrews’ has 93 people (families) who have pledged their support for St. Andrew’s either this year and/or last year. So far we have heard from 41. Of these, there are 17 who increased their pledge, 2 decreased, 18 are the same, and 4 are new.

We need to hear from the rest of you so we can build a budget for the next year.

The church is open and on line. We have called an Interim Rector and we are trying to get all of our programs up and going. The choir is back, we are having coffee after services. Let us know how you would like to help.

Please join us and give us your pledge of support. You can place your pledge card in the collection plate on Sunday, mail it to the office, or deliver it to the office and pick up an updated directory

Stewardship update – by Bill Brice, Treasurer