Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have thought that the last two months of confusion and apprehension is a new reality. I recall in high school history learning about the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 with pictures of people wearing masks. Early this year when learning of this new virus, I recall thinking that surely it would be contained, halted, cured and then the world would move on as usual. How wrong I was. 

It began showing up outside China in several other countries. This was bad! Surely the more advanced countries like ours would be able to contain this — wrong again. We now realize the inter-connectedness of the whole earth with air travel, ship travel, international commerce and instant communication. 

At least I could continue volunteering every Tuesday and the last Wednesday each month at the food banks, couldn’t I? Wrong a third time. (There is a joke at my house that it took the National Guard to keep me at home). The National Guard took over actual distribution at the site I was working each Tuesday. The Wednesday Jackson Street Food Bank at St. Andrew’s was canceled for April, and perhaps beyond in order to consolidate the efforts of NOURISH to get food to as many people as possible in only central locations. Indeed these are “uncertain times” as has been quoted a million times. 

What do you miss the most? I am sure your list is as long as mine with favorite restaurants, backyard bbq’s, coffee shops, visiting family and grandkids, retail (my poor wife!!) leisure activities and traveling—and of course church! I miss the hugs, hand- shakes, music, sermons, communion, coffee hour and so much more. It has left a hole in our week that is so hard to fill. Our gratitude goes out to all who are making the service available on Facebook Live. 

On Easter Sunday, after viewing our St. Andrew’s service, someone suggested watching the service from the National Cathedral. As usual, Presiding Bishop Curry gave a wonderful sermon. At one hour and 6 min. of the service, a musical selection was played, “The Strife is O’er” on the Zoom application. Hundreds of musicians and singers of all ages joined in from home. It was breathtaking. Pam and I both cried. I have watched the song again and twice and both times choked up. As Father Martin would say, “I commend you to it.” Go to YouTube and search National Cathedral Easter 2020. 

Bless all of you and be safe. Take walks, read books, putter in the garden, listen to music and eat good food. We will see all of you soon. 

Vestry Ramblings – by Ken Rhodes