I am most grateful for your inquiries, encouragement, support, and prayers as I continue my process toward ordination to the priesthood! The prayers, especially, have helped me through these very intense past six months. And I continue to marvel at the timely text or email message that arrived just when I most needed an extra nudge of encouragement.

You may recall that I was admitted to candidacy for ordination to the priesthood after meeting with the Standing Committee last August. Admission to candidacy generally signifies that a person’s call to ordained ministry has been confirmed by the Church; preparation and discernment for ordained ministry continue. For me this included a Bible knowledge competency exam, which I completed in the fall; Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE); an on-line course in Anglican Theology through the Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CALL); and seven local ordination exams. I completed my last exam in mid-June and now look forward to receiving feedback from the Board of Examining Chaplains.

The Bishop also wants me to serve at the altar assisting Fr. Martin to help develop my sacramental identity. The timing of this, of course, depends on the lifting of restrictions to contain the spread of Covid-19!

The next step in my process will be ordination to the transitional diaconate – God willing and the people consenting. The Canons require at least six months as a transitional deacon before being ordained to the priesthood.

Another question some of you have asked is whether I will go to another church to serve as a transitional deacon. To answer that question, I can only say, “I have no idea!” Since it began, this has been a journey through the unknowns with much of my discernment and ordination process falling outside of the box – including the more recent and ongoing impact of the pandemic. It continues to be a journey of faith filled with wonderful pastoral and sacramental experiences and many blessings.

With gratitude, Pam

A message from Pam Tinsley, Candidate for the priesthood