How are you? How’s your heart? More specifically, how is your blood pressure? During the pandemic many of us put off our regular health care visits. This can lead to missing a slowly growing concern or delaying getting your prescription medicines re- newed. Not to mention our stress level may have been at an all time high.

Next month I will be coordinating a self-care group open to everyone called Healthy Heart Self Monitoring Blood Pressure Program. Please consider participating. It will begin Aug 15th, and last 4 months. Individuals will learn how to accurately check his or her blood pressure. You will then check your blood pressure every two weeks, either at home or at church. I will be available at between services every other week with a BP cuff. There is also a small fund available to purchase a blood pressure monitor, if you do not have the means to do so. Then you will record your reading and share it with me. All information will be kept confidential. People will receive monthly education either via a handout or an educational session. You will be expected to follow up with your primary health care provider in managing their blood pressure. 

I’d love to make this a collaborative effort, so please make any suggestions that come to you. Would a Zoom group be fun? A Facebook group? Would you like in-person communication? A snail mail newsletter? Most importantly, I’d like to encourage you to take the best care of yourself you can. It starts with the basics. I’m looking forward to all of us getting to know our numbers. (360) 271-2020 

Working together to get healthier – by Mary Boyce, Parish Nurse