St. Andrew’s Vestry met on July 19th in person for the first time since last year! All members were in attendance.

  • Father Martin has a new baby grandson and mentioned he would be travelling to meet him this week.
  • He will also be on vacation from August 3rd thru August 15th.
  • The Bishop is offering a 5 session Stewardship training on zoom beginning on Sunday September 5th. Each session will be two hours, Sundays from 2 to 4 pm. St. Andrews will sign up a team of participants. Vestry members are encouraged to participate.
  • Reviewed the re-opening of the church, how it was going, and if any further adjustments need to be made at this time. None were suggested.
  • Celtic Faire preparations are beginning with Liz Herriges meeting with previous leaders about what to include.
  • The Kitchen Renovation leaders met with the architects to begin revising the existing plans. Building code requirements are being reviewed, then new cost estimates will be prepared.
  • Heard a progress report from the Children’s Sunday School and Youth Ministry team. They are planning a meeting soon, and are focusing on finding a nursery attendant now that in person services are being held and families are retuning to the sanctuary. (See Father Martin’s weekly news for details.) This will be followed by work on Sunday School activities.
  • There are three potential adult education classes under discussion for this Fall. Each will be a single stand-alone class.
  • John Cain reported that the Pierce County Homeless Coalition meets every Friday morning at 9am by zoom. Anyone may tune in after registering. It is free. Go to
  • June Financials were reviewed and approved. (posted in the Ada Webb room)
  • Next Vestry meeting will be in person on August 16th at 7pm in the Ada Webb room. This meeting is open to all members of the congregation
Vestry update by Judy Nelson, Senior Warden