This year Thanksgiving Day may not include the gatherings with family and friends that we usually enjoy. But let us observe this whole week leading up to Thanksgiving Day by practicing gratitude. It will help us enjoy a wonderful, if different, thanksgiving holiday.

Here are six ways to practice gratitude and get ready for Thanksgiving. (TNT, 11/18/20)

1.      Daily gratitude practice. Take time every day to acknowledge one thing (or more) that you are grateful for. You night do this at a meal with others, or write in a journal. Acknowledging and sharing what you are thankful for, no matter how small, can help begin or end the day with a more thankful mindset. You can share some of your gratitude notes in person or on-line on Thanksgiving Day.

2.     Volunteer. While this is not as easy as it once was, find ways to donate your time or treasures to help others. How can you help make our environment and our community a better place?

3.     Thank you notes. Take some time, either individually or as a family, to write thank you notes to people who have helped you this year. Acknowledge friends and family members who have helped with child care or projects. Children could write to their teachers for doing their best to keep school in session. Notes to first responders are a great idea. Are there persons you appreciate whom you have not contacted for awhile? – maybe send them Thanksgiving greetings.

4.     Read books about gratitude. There are lots of good books available for all ages on gratitude. Articles and websites on gratitude also. Take a look at

5.     Do a good deed. Good deeds can be simple things to show someone else you care. Thanking employees at the grocery store, for example, or making a point of greeting your neighbors.

6.     Appreciate nature. Marvel at the beauty around us, with all the changing colors and weather. Thank God our Creator for the gift of where we live.

Coming closer to God for Thanksgiving