Greetings from your senior warden. I want to share some of the work your vestry has been doing these past few months. Two areas of focus have dominated our work; finances and the work of our church during these Covid times.
St. Andrews applied for and received a Paycheck Protection Program loan (now a grant) to make sure salaries could be maintained during these non-gathering times. I’m happy to report they were! The vestry has been carefully watching and reviewing our financial statements to be sure we remain solvent, as the original budget (created and approved pre-Covid) was not created for the current climate. So far, we are doing well, with some areas slightly over budget (such as the postage line item) and some areas under spent (such as the cleaning service).
Unfortunately we had to cancel Celtic Faire, and the several organizations that used our building for their meetings were not able to do so. The food bank was closed (we hope only temporarily) and weekly plate offerings dropped off. But, through this all we continued to support Community Outreach and other community work all while we developed a robust live streaming program, which will now continue into the future, even when we re-gather in our sanctuary. Our new website has been such a boon and we invested in a new email service (Constant Contact) that has allowed Father Martin to easily send out twice weekly news and inspiration.
The second area the vestry has been working on involves thinking through and studying appropriate Covid related services, keeping in mind that our diocese has provided guidance for engagement. The vestry created the re-gathering committee, and they have worked diligently to create protocols, now approved by the diocese and the vestry, for in person services. Your vestry has reviewed every step of their work.
Finally the vestry has thought about appropriate communication in this time of social distancing. It’s so important that we are all as connected as possible. That includes outdoor social hours and even in person outdoor morning prayer services this summer, as well as a zoom “Talk with the vestry” opportunity.
This is just a snapshot of our work on your behalf. Please join us on Sunday Nov 15 after service at 11:30am when we host another “Talk with the vestry” session on Zoom (link to be sent out later). I hope you’ll join us and ask those questions that have been on your mind.

Your Vestry at work – by Judy Nelson