How exciting to see the changes that Spring brings – more sunshine, more flowers, and more chances to come together. I would like to offer my reassurance that the hard- working ReGathering committee has carefully examined all the safety guidelines and latest science to move forward while being keeping in mind the greatest good for everyone. As Bishop Rickel recently reminded us, we are compelled by faith to care for everyone. This means vaccinated and unvaccinated. No one should be put in a position of having to choose between staying safe and desperately wanting to come to church. (Which is why we will continue the online service) We have a new ministry – the Safety Team – that will be present at in-person church services to assist with the flow of traffic and maintaining physical distancing, to check temperature and provide masks upon request, and to keep the environment clean. Thank you to those who have stepped forward already, and I invite any one who is interested to let the church office, Fr. Martin, or me know. The more hands, the better. 

Every day there are more and more sites available to obtain you COVID-19 vaccination. If you are eager to get yours, and are not yet eligible per the state, I encourage your to volunteer with the Tacoma/Pierce County Department of health or your local health care provider. Volunteers get vaccinated! And there are many non-clinical jobs needed to help coordinate these events. You can also sign up to be on a wait list or to be called with any last minute extra vaccine doses. I’m thinking of a way for St Andrew’s to keep a tally of how many of our members have been vaccinated without treading on anyone’s privacy. Perhaps each vaccinated person could add a leaf or a flower on a bulletin board tree at church? Look for a fun display soon. Let’s see if we can achieve our own local herd immunity. Please let me know if I can help via phone (360-271-2020 ), text, or email

COVID update by Mary Boyce, Parish Nurse