Ed Wolfer and Virginia Gaub have been in conversation with Sue Potter, the CEO of Nourish Food Bank Network, about reopening Jackson Street Food Bank. At this point in time it has been decided that it is still too risky with the space that we have to open an indoor food distribution site. The details are still being worked out for us to offer food distribution via the Mobile Food Bank Truck once or twice a month. We hope this to happen in the next few months. Watch for notices as we get further information from Nourish.

Vaccine Opportunity for volunteers: Food bank workers are now eligible to receive the Covid19 vaccine. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated when eligible. When going through the Phase finder there is a page that asks about your “job” description. Here is the vaccine locator from the Washington State Dept. of Health. If you plan to volunteer with us and need help finding a location with vaccine, please reach out to Virginia Gaub for suggestions.

Volunteer opportunities: There will be several opportunities to volunteer.
1)  Preparing boxes: Food distribution is done only via prefilled boxes, no personal shopping. Currently the National Guard is filling boxes of food at the Nourish Warehouse but this service is scheduled to end in June and we would need volunteers to provide that service for us to provide food for our clients. A work-group would go to the warehouse at a designated time, for about 2 hours, to pack boxes.
2)  Distribution: Currently the National Guard is doing the distribution from the Mobile unit in most locations but would not be available for our location, due to the low number of clients and infrequency of service. We would need approx. 7 or 8 people at the time of distribution. All volunteers will need to sign up on a data base with contact information. Training will be provided for the various assignments that need to be filled. Please contact Virginia Gaub or
Ed Wolfer if you would like to sign up to be a Food Bank Volunteer.

P.S. Jackson Street Food Bank now has a new commercial grade freezer and refrigerator, thanks to a grant from the diocese. They were delivered this week.

Food Bank News by Virginia Gaub