This Sunday, July 5, Fr. Ed. returned to co-preside and proclaim the Gospel at our celebration of Holy Eucharist. You can watch the edited video by clicking on the window above.

June 18 marked the 62nd anniversary of Fr. Ed Sterling’s ordination to the priesthood!  Congratulations were offered by Bishop Rickel and some 70 clergy at the Thursday Diocesan Zoom meeting.

Edward Arthur Sterling, III was born in Grandfield, OK on March 10, 1921. He attended Texas A&M, graduating in 1942. It being WWII, Ed joined the Army, where he served in a succession of increasingly responsible line officer assignments. He married Margaret on Feb. 14, 1951, and they had 4 children.

After 12 years on active duty, he separated from the Army to attend the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest in Austin TX. He was ordained a Deacon by Bishop John Hines (later Presiding Bishop) and then a Priest by Bishop Goddard on June 18, 1958. He served a few years in a local Texas congregation and then returned to full time military duty as an Army Chaplain. This second chapter of his Army career spanned 16 years and included duty stations in Germany, Vietnam and Korea. He retired in Tacoma as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Fr. Ed served many congregations in the local area before coming to St. Andrew’s in 1968. His wife Margaret died in 2004. Two years ago, in the presence of our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, Bishop Rickel made Fr. Ed an honorary Canon of our diocese. He is truly a blessing among us!

The return of Father Ed to our Livestream