St Andrew’s wrapped up our Walk to Jerusalem at the end of February. About 40 people
regularly walked, ran, and biked miles for the past 12 weeks. Our goal was to all
accumulate 6,800 miles, which is the approximate distance between Tacoma and Jerusalem.
We actually met our goal around week 9 3/4, but we pressed on to the full 12
week commitment and gathered more than 8,000 miles! I am so proud of everyone and
grateful to have had this fun group. Many people made comments about the experience,
both on our Facebook site and via email, such as:
• Kept me sane during and insane time of year
• Enjoyed learning about new places
• Motivation to get outside in the grey and wet weather
• Fun to be part of the community
• Being part of a group was motivating
• Helped me become more aware of daily movement
• Gave me a chance to explore my neighborhood
• So fun to use my imagination
• Liked sharing a purpose with others
Thank you to everyone who participated, I would like to especially thank Reberta
Skinner for her travel log entries. It gave us all something fun to look forward to each week!
Jerusalem hikers reach the Holy City!! By Mary Boyce