Watching the crisis of homelessness, we often feel powerless, or sometimes frightened, to help unknown individuals, even as our hearts break for them. But sometimes, we have what’s needed to address the needs around us and just don’t realize it. 

If you have a guest room or a spare bedroom, and could use help with chores, some pocket money, and some company, Shared Housing Services of Tacoma can help both you AND a person who needs low-cost housing. For 30 years, SHS Tacoma has matched up people with spare rooms. Right now, there are far more people than rooms! 

My family rented out our upstairs ‘mother-in-law’ apt to students the whole time I was growing up, and it was always fun to get to know them. Now, TCC students are living in cars while trying to complete coursework. For more information on how to connect with a person who might be a good fit for your household, call 253-272-1532 or visit their website

Jesus asked his disciples “What have you got?” by Jeffrey Boyce