St. Andrews remains committed to supporting our scholars on their educational journeys, whether it is a four-year college degree or a continuing education conference to increase knowledge and skills in a specific profession.
This year, your Scholarship Committee met to distribute $4800. These are funds designated for scholarships within the amount tithed to the Outreach Committee. There were 6 applicants this year. We are very excited to announce that the committee chose to provide funds for all six applicants at varying levels. See the June Tartan for the names and bios of our recipients.
The award ceremony will be held during the Sunday services on June 13th. Please congratulate our scholars as they prepare for their next phase of study.
Members of this year’s committee included: Judy Nelson (chair), Kendall Burch, Margo Fleshman, Margie Hoffman, Kit Proctor, Susan Rowe, Diane Walworth, and Marian Warren.
If you are interested in joining this group for next year’s distribution, please contact the office. We welcome all volunteers.

St. Andrew’s awards six scholarships for 2021