Your Vestry met by zoom on May 2nd and 17th to discuss priorities for 2021. After much discussion and brainstorming, we narrowed our focus to three elements of St. Andrew’s parish ministry that the Vestry would focus particular attention on during 2021, amidst many other important elements of our on-going ministries. Individual vestry members selected areas of concentration for which they would act as leads or liaisons. These elements for our work were not ranked as first, second, third priorities.

One priority is education. This includes Children’s Sunday School and Youth Ministry, an area that was put on hold in 2020 when the pandemic hit. It also includes Adult Education, focusing not only on spiritual growth within the parish, but also potentially serving the community beyond St Andrew’s. We discussed the possible live- streaming of classes or workshops as well as in-person gatherings when appropriate in order to expand outside the parish. Vestry members will re-engage the work begun before the pandemic to revision and renew our Youth Ministry and ministries with children and families, which was convened in 2019 by Colin McDaniel.

A second priority involves the kitchen remodel. A great deal of work was done and presented by the Kitchen team, led by Angie Barr, to the parish at the Annual Meeting in early 2020. The Annual Meeting had a good, serious discussion. The Kitchen team is being asked to reconvene, use the recommendations from the annual meeting and look at ways to scale down the original plans and review the needs assessment and rationale statement for the new kitchen. (Two new freezers have already been purchased for our kitchen ministry and the Jackson Street Food Bank with a grant from the diocese.) This priority serves the community outside the parish, as well as the parish itself, and it also positions the church to be effective when the food pantry is allowed to re-open and as we consider new ways to serve our congregation, neighborhood and larger community.

A third priority for 2021 is the question of Celtic Faire, and whether or not to hold a scaled down version in October 2021. Celtic Faire is a St. Andrew’s ministry that not only builds community but also serves the community outside the parish and encourages spiritual growth through engagement with Celtic Christianity. The fair was cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, and the determination as to whether to hold a modified version this year needs to be made. A poll asking you, our congregants, this question will be coming out shortly. The Vestry will make the decision at their next meeting on Monday, June 14.

While the vestry identified these specific priorities for their own focus, other im- portant parish ministries such as Music, Community Outreach and work with the home- less remain active and shall be supported and encouraged. Please feel free to reach out to Father Martin or any Vestry member if you wish to participate in one of the three areas of focus or any other ministry. We welcome your input and support.

Vestry Priorities by Judy Nelson, Senior Warden