Many of us are going a little stir-crazy these days with home quarantines and lack of opportunities to get out in the fresh air. I have the perfect prescription for all of your needs and also the needs of St. Andrews:

TWO HOURS OF YARD WORK ON THE PARISH GROUNDS (to be repeated as necessary).
If you will recall, we used to have a “work” Sunday twice a year to work on grounds and maintenance. We lovingly called it Spiffing Day. This has not been continued since we do not have a designated building and grounds maintenance person. Now the work is done by a few volunteers, but it is inconsistent.
Spring is the time that weeds pop up so it would be a great time to get them under con- trol. Here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling:

Weeding on 12th Street next to sidewalk. This is the worst area for weeds.
Weeding in the tree area just below the cross on the 12th St. side of the building.
Sweeping and cleaning the parking lots.
Weeding other flower beds and planted areas.
Repainting the white areas flanking the driveway entrances.
Sweeping the area near the trash/recycling area outside the kitchen,
and possibly pressure washing.
Pruning any trees and bushes as necessary; deadheading spent flowers.
Checking gutters and downspouts as is safe and prudent.
Weed-eating the outside Father Martin’s office.
Anything else that can be done safely.

The parish does have some tools to use, or you can bring your own which are probably better anyway. Any and all of these activities can be done while social-distancing (whoever thought this would be a new catch-phrase!!)
A couple of hours in the sun and fresh air may make you feel better inside and out! Miss you all!

The perfect COVID-19 activity by Ken Rhodes