Through a neighbor I found out about Food is Free, Tacoma, which is a community food-sharing program. My neighbor and I signed up and I now have two large vegetable planter boxes, brought veggie starts, and also added some other starts. In many weeks we will be putting out vegetables we’ve grown, plus items donated by local farmers. Washington Potato Growers donated 200,000 pounds of potatoes, and we were given 50 pounds of those potatoes. In approximately 24 hours, 45 pounds of the 50 pounds of potatoes had been given away to people signed up for the Food is Free Project at our University Place location. We also put out canned goods, powdered milk, dry and canned soups.

Go to Facebook groups, look for either: the Food is Free Facebook page here, or use this link.

You can sign up for Food is Free Project Tacoma or Food is Free University Place. After you sign up, you can read what is available and where. 

If you would like to help and already have a garden, please consider donating your over-abundance of vegetables or fruit to our site this Summer and Fall. Contact me via email or phone for more information. 

Can’t wait to see you at church! 

Your life can bloom during COVID-19 by Reberta Skinner